As one of the most sought after personal trainers in Los Angeles, Seth Browning brings more than a decade of experience to the gym floor. Browning’s methods go beyond traditional weight lifting, drawing from everything from yoga, Pilates, TRX, surfing and sports drills. In addition to training athletes and celebrities for film & TV appearances, Browning is a sports performance coach & corrective exercise specialist, training people with back, neck, shoulder & knee issues.

His personal experiences have established him as a specialist in the holistic and psycho/physical aspects of fitness. Through a holistic approach to fitness and nutrition, Browning emphasizes Total Body Training, Core Training, Detoxification & strategic supplementation with the goal of sculpting the body and looking proportionate.

He is nationally recognized as a fitness expert, contributing and appearing on top TV and multimedia outlets.

“The body follows the mind. Growing up with two parents as PhD psychologists has genuinely given me an amazing opportunity to help clients connect the two.”

Seth Browning


Browning’s focused approach to exercise yields fast & proven results, capturing the attention of many through dramatic transformations.

Part of his methods include a merging of gratitude, visualization and natural remedies, unlocking his clients’ ability to experience long term results through a sustainable lifestyle of health and fitness. Browning also takes his clients to the next level with a cutting edge nutritional plan.

Clients can train with Browning on a 1-1 basis, by phone or email (allowing clients across the country to benefit from Browning’s experience) or they can have him consult with them to set them on a diet and nutritional path that will benefit them in their own personal fitness journey.

“I’m intuitively connected to my client and pay incredible attention to form & technique. When clients are with me they get my undivided attention. I know how to get someone to their goal very quickly and help design a tailored lifestyle that works for them.”

~Seth Browning