Body By Browning cover feature

The Phoenix Effect’s Seth Browning & September’s cover model on current trends in the world of fitness, getting sober and meeting Britney Spears.

A certified personal trainer at Body by Browning and senior fitness instructor at The Phoenix Effect in West Hollywood, Seth Browning took a leap of faith when he moved to Los Angeles earlier this year. “I left a failing business in the OC and took a gamble at training in the bright lights of LA,” he reveals. “I had $300 in my pocket, self-determination and a lot of faith that everything would be okay.”

Things are more than just okay for Browning today. He has a list of loyal clients who follow his lead at his boot camp classes, he trains people one-on-one at Mansion Gym, he’s done some runway modeling, and his handsome face is currently up on a billboard in West Hollywood. However, he says none of his current success would be possible if it weren’t for his five years of continuous sobriety.

In an interview with THE FIGHT Browning, born and bred in Orange County, talks about the world of fitness, getting sober and how losing his fitness mentor trainer Jovin Raethz to an overdose of GHB made him determined to carry on with his legacy.

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