“Scheana Shay, Vanderpump Rules” I don’t want pasta and cheese now that I know what it’s like to have a flat stomach. People don’t ask me if I’m pregnant anymore! Even after being-cyber shamed for having “back fat” after 2014 wedding, Scheana Shay procrastinated about going on a diet. “Along came Thanksgiving and then Christmas and then vacation,” The Vanderpump Rules star tells Life & Style. “I kept pushing it back.” While the SUR staffer was by no means overweight, the hurtful comments resonated until she reached a turning point. “On the day I turned 30 [May 7] I felt so uncomfortable in the outfit I wore,” she recalls. “After that, I changed my entire lifestyle.”


On the plan by celebrity trainer Seth Browning, Scheana cut refined carbs. (buh-bye, pasta dinners as SUR!) and beer and wine. Instead, she ate four times a day and added tons of green veggies – even at breakfast! “People either overeat with heavy foods, eat too little or completely deprive themselves of healthy carbs and fat.” says Browning. “In order for Scheana to lose weight and stubborn body fat, she needed to jump-start her metabolism.” To that end, she went on a “carb cycle” menu that temporarily eliminated carbs, then reintroduced healthy ones like yams and oats two days a week. “The combo kept the metabolism guessing and makes it a fat-burning furnace.” explains Browning, adding that strength training further amped the effects. “I feel so much better,” raves Scheana, who’s shed 15 pounds and four jeans sides. “And there’s no more back fat!”