How She Did It! How You Can Too! Fitness, Food
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The Hollywood Reporter

~Evan Real

“Scheana’s fitness journey is a remarkable one — and Seth’s passion for transforming her life (and the lives of readers who pick up Scheana’s Slimdown) is evident in his writing. He’s as motivational as he is handsome”.


~ Nina Parker

“Vanderpump fans can finally find out how Scheana got her amazing body. Seth Browning’s out of the box training techniques make you excited about the gym again”

The Skinny Confidential

~ Lauryn Evarts

“Scheanas transformation is incredible, proving Seth knows his shit. He really has a holistic approach when it comes to health & well-being and his carb-cycling methods are tried & true- for me, Scheana & Seth.  I love how he lays out all his recommendations with science to back to it up and doesn’t sugar coat anything.”


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