Don’t let bad knees control your workouts any longer! Help alleviate pain in those ever-important joints in three simple steps.  It’s a painful situation. Clients come in and tell me they want to lose weight or get an “ass of death,” but there’s a catch—“I can’t do legs because I have bad knees.”

As a trainer, I’ve battled against this obstacle for months until I finally stepped back and did more research. After conversations with some industry pros, I’ve created a “pre-workout” treatment that is currently working miracles. People are squatting, jumping and lunging again—pain-free.

Here’s what’s eye-opening: Unless you’ve been diagnosed with an actual bone problem, your knee may not actually be the problem. More often than not, it’s the areas surrounding the knees that are tight or not functioning properly.

For example, your quad muscles (rectus femoris) may be so tight that they’re quite literally pulling on your kneecaps. Your hips may be so inwardly rotated from sitting all day that they’re throwing your spine completely out of alignment. Finally, your glute muscles may be completely turned off so that when you do a squat, all the pressure is being absorbed by your knees.

These dysfunctions make your poor knees overcompensate to satisfy your body’s incessant demands. Then the pain and confusion sets in, and it robs you of your athletic potential.

Let’s give those knees a rest, shall we? (Well, time spent with your “special someone” excluded.) The three tools at right will help free your knees.