Stop the treadmill and drop the weights. Instead, grab your shopping list and prepare to revamp your body from the inside out. While most of us know that diet is half the battle, there are most definitely key foods that will unlock your metabolism and skyrocket your results. Beyond simply looking lean, specific foods act as powerful and effective medicines—they can detoxify you, prevent illness, reduce stress and make you look years younger. Food truly has the power to change your life, and these seven items are a great place to start.

3 Foods to Detoxify You


The essential fat in this food assists in the release of bile from the gallbladder, which eliminates toxins from the body and opens you up to receive more vitamins like A, C and E. Avocados are like almonds—because of their fat content, don’t go overboard. Try half an avocado per day.


This stuff is seriously a miracle spice. It’s so powerful that it has been used for hundreds of years to treat a variety of illnesses. Turmeric’s antioxidant properties have been shown to improve liver function as well as heal inflammation. Use it when cooking chicken, beef and fish.


The old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” didn’t come about for no reason. Apples can revitalize the body by flushing out toxins and give the digestive system a break. Their soluble fiber can reduce plaque buildup in blood vessels, letting waste travel more quickly out of the body. Make them even more crave-worthy by slathering some almond butter on them.

4 Foods to Rev Up Your Metabolism


This superfood is packed with vitamins, nutrients and fiber that cause your body to burn calories. Inside are certain chemicals and enzymes that some studies suggest reduce harmful fatty acids and stoke the metabolism. Eat it raw, steam it or sauté it in olive oil.


Break out the strawberries and cream, baby! These sweet gems are packed with a chemical called anthocyanis, which stops fat cells from getting larger. They also produce enzymes that help you digest better and block some fat and starches. Have strawberries with Greek yogurt or in smoothies.


Finally a reason to justify those daily trips to Starbucks! Beyond giving you a mental boost in the morning, studies have proven that coffee can significantly raise the metabolism just hours after consumption. It also breaks down fat cells by oxygenating them.


These are the most nutrient-dense nut, and they’re loaded with fiber. They also contain healthy essential fatty acids, which crank up the metabolism. Another benefit is their inherent Vitamin E, which is shown to help with hair, skin and nail health. Too many can cause weight gain because of their fat content, though, so a handful per day is your target.